How was your Christmas? I don’t mean whether you un-wrapped that brand new gizmo you wanted on the big day, I mean from a business perspective?

Did you see a surge in sales because of something you created, produced or marketed in a different way or did you let one of the busiest selling periods of the year pass you by?

Christmas is a very important time for many businesses, but, even if you aren’t selling the sort of products that find themselves in the Xmas stockings, there are plenty of opportunities to give your own business a boost.

Let’s take, for example, pies. Award winning pie producer Pieminister did what a lot of businesses do during the festive season and styled products around the celebrations, introducing a range of tasty delights such as the ‘Deer Santa’, ‘Mistle Moo’ and ‘The Cracker’. And they were good, very good indeed!

The reason I know that is that some of them found themselves into our shopping trolley and the reason that happened was purely because of the creativity of the packaging. Up until that point, we hadn’t bought or tasted a Pieminister product before. The eye-catching boxes were enough to get them onto our till receipt.

So what relevance would any of this have for your own business, bearing in mind that it’s very likely that what you do is a long way removed from the fast moving consumer goods marketplace?

Well, it’s all about using the promotional opportunities that pop up throughout the year to the best advantage – and there are lots of them. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Easter, New Year, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, National Grandparents Days (Sunday October 8th in 2018), to name but a few. Then you have all the other ‘days, weeks and months’ that are linked with campaigns that you might want to associate your company with.

Blimey, this year we even have a Royal Wedding too – the possibilities are endless!

That’s the good news. The not so good news is that if you want to run an effective promotion next Christmas, then you need to be planning time to put something together as soon as you have put away the suncream from the summer holidays, so give yourself time to get it right.

A little twist, something that raises a smile, a different approach that takes potential customers by surprise – these are all ways to tap into increased sales throughout the year when the time is right.

If you want some help putting together a promotion linked to a diary date, or you would like some ideas about what you might be able to produce, then why not get in touch