How to make a lot of bread out of milk and eggs

I had an interesting conversation over dinner recently with someone who reminded me just how easy it can be to differentiate yourself from the crowd without spending a great deal of money – something that many small businesses are rightly keen to do.

After spending many years in local government in a senior management role, he took early retirement and after a short time decided that he really wanted to do something else. The ‘something else’ turned out to be a taxi service which he set up ‘just to keep busy’.

He started to get more and more business picking up customers and taking them to Southampton to meet a cruise ship and then picking them up after the holiday and taking them home and so he decided to specialise in that service. There were a number of companies fighting for the business and so he thought about what he could do to offer something a little different which would make him stand out from the crowd.

As we all know, when you return from holiday one of the things you usually find is an empty fridge and so he decided to give each customer a small hamper which included the basic essentials such as milk, eggs and bread.

It cost very little, but it brought him a great deal of business. He became known as the guy who gave you a ‘welcome home pack’ and the give-away generated him a lot of new customers and repeat business too as word spread and recommendations increased.

It’s a great example of adding value for the customer without having to spend more than you need.

The result – the business grew into one that had a number of vehicles on the road when he sold it, giving him the opportunity to visit Southampton just as often – this time to get on the ships himself!

The question is…what do you do for your customers which is unexpected and which would encourage them to talk to their friends about you?

Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash