At last…a
TV advert that actually has a message you can understand!

I don’t
know about you, but a lot of TV advertising passes me by these days. Not just
because, more than often, I’m watching a programme that has been recorded and
just skip through the ads, but also because many of them just seem to have been
produced with the aim of winning an award rather than to drive home important
messages or even, who would have thought – sell something.

Like me,
you may be getting tired of having to guess what the advert is all about until
it is revealed right at the end.

And so,
it was very refreshing to see an advert pop up that has a very simple but
effective message.

Nationwide advert about ‘Mortgage Number One’ tells a great story – the first
mortgage being sold and who it helped buy a house at 29 Morrison Street. It was
in 1884 and it was arranged for Elizabeth and Alfred Idle, who had nine
children and who paid ‘6 bob a week’.

It tells
us that Nationwide has been around a very long time and that the business has
provided a lot of mortgages (73,543 last year).

A simple
but interesting message, produced very well too.

talked about promoting your history before, but here’s another question..

What was
the first product your business sold and who was it sold to?

If you
can remember, or find out, you may well have a little snippet that you can use
to give your own potential customers a warm and fuzzy feeling.

also a little bit of history that all your staff should know too. On many
occasions people join an established company and they never get to know or
understand how the business started. Everyone in a business should have an idea
of where it came from and why it started – it’s important.

you are producing a multi-million advert for TV or promoting in a small local
area, getting the message right with clarity can be easy, as long as you aren’t
just looking to win an award!